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Who am I?

John has a background in engineering and project management, this focus on processes is part of the fabric of ecomDNA. His experience owning and overseeing over $4M in sales through his own eCommerce ventures has allowed ecomDNA to become the premier Consultancy and Amazon Channel Management provider for brands who want scale fast with a supportive team around them.


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Being a business owner for 15 years, I have connected with all sorts of people, business owners and high level executives. John is the only one I have connected with that allows me to have deep level conversation and have multiple AHA moments during one conversation. He is extremely patient, intuitive and skilled on how to bring out the best of you and help you resolved the deepest problems that you have. I am extremely honored to have him in my life. I am excited to see what he can do help others achieve their maximum potential.

Phyllis Song

Entrepreneur, USA

Working with John has been an amazing experience, our Amazon sales on several launches have been incredible! We did our first $100k revenue on a single SKU in 14 days with less than $1k per day ad spend!

Amin Taheri


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